• NOVA MX 3.2K4

Nova MX 3.2 K4 4-х канальный усилитель мощности, 2 HU, 19", 4 x 800 Вт/4 Ом

MX 3.2K4

3.200 W 4-channel power amplifier

The NOVA MX3.2K4 is a 4-channel power amplifier, which offers a power rating of 4 x 800 watts RMS. The front panel shows 4 gain controls for easy access and the main switch. The LED display informs about the condition of the amplifier channels. The rear side shows 4 input-connectors (XLR female), 4 link-connectors (XLR male) and 4 output-connectors (SPEAKON NL4). The input sensivity (gain) is 32 dB for each channel. The MX3.2K4 can be used also in half-bridged mode (1 x 1.600 W RMS / 8 ohms + 2 x 800 W RMS / 4 ohms). The amplifier is equipped with a switch-on delay to protect the connected speakers.

► 3.200 watts RMS total output (4 x 800 W RMS)
► Class-D technology for high efficiency
► Modern switch mode power supply
► Comprehensive package of safety circuits
► Ultra lightweighted (8 kg only)

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  • Производитель: NOVA
  • Модель: NOVA MX 3.2K4
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  • 1 тг.

Усилители, NOVA, XPS Series