• MOVECAT BGV C1 Тали электрические цепные

Whether installation work or complicated scene changes, BGV C1 Chain Master hoists are used in the world. Already in 1994 we were able to provide certified chain hoist system.This available to professional users the world's first and decorators around the world new features and technologies that allow them to realize their creative ideas with precision and in a way that can be reproduced. Depending on the application, the drives are equipped with ultra-precise sensors to assess the load and provisions and ensure safe movement of the suspension and load up to 2500 kg for human heads.

Capacity 125 - 2500 kg
Climbing- or
standard suspension
EN 818-7 load chain
Contactor 24VAC / DC control
Lightweight and compact for home
The exact chain guide
Low noise operation
5-pocket chain wheels
Textile chain bag
2 DC Brake
Transmission Limit Switch
The patented friction clutch
overload protection
The friction clutch is not
in the load path

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MOVECAT BGV C1 Тали электрические цепные

  • Производитель: Movecat
  • Модель: MOVECAT BGV C1
  • Под заказ и Ожидание 2-3 дня
  • 1 тг.