The DVX PSW15 is a powerful 15” high-performance passive subwoofer in a bass reflex birch plywood cabinet, designed for medium to large sized rooms.

Thanks to its 15” high-quality woofer, the impulse response is incredibly truthful, reproducing low-end frequencies with extreme precision and providing a finely shaped sound image. Compact dimensions combined with light weight and sturdy construction of this subwoofer, make it a good choice whenever you need to boost low-end frequencies without losing the advantages of portability.

Passive subwoofer, 1x15" woofer with 3" VC, 1000W Peak power, 500W/RMS, 35Hz-200Hz, 132 dB SPL, Dimensions 470x627x600mm, weight 30.9kg/68.1lbs.

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dB Technologies DVX PSW15

  • Производитель: dB Technologies
  • Модель: dB Technologies DVX PSW15
  • Под заказ и Ожидание 2-3 дня
  • 1 тг.

Пассивная акустическая система, DVX P Series