Fly bar for DVA systems.
Designed to hang up to a maximum weight of 1800 kg (TUV certified; the maximum weight depends on the barycenter of the system).
Usable for stack configurations with supplied hardware, either on DVA subwoofers or on the stage directly. Black color.
Compatible with all DVA systems. (T4 white, T8, T12, DP S09, S10 DP, DP S20, S30 N, N S1518, S1521 N, N S2585).

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dB Technologies DVA DRK-20

  • Производитель: dB Technologies
  • Модель: dB Technologies DVA DRK-20
  • Под заказ и Ожидание 2-3 дня
  • 1 тг.

Подвесная рама, DVA Accessories