Акустическая система FBT ARCHON 105

Производитель: FBT
Код Товара: Акустическая система FBT ARCHON 105
  • Акустическая система FBT ARCHON 105
  • Акустическая система FBT ARCHON 105
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Loudspeaker system
Speakers (configuration): 1 x 5"
Power rating: 101-200 W
Category: Passive acoustic column
Casing material: Wooden casing
Quantity of bands: Double-sideband
Color: Black
Form of the casing: Rectangular
Sensitivity: 95 dB and more
Max. input resistance: 8 Ohms
Min. display rate: 55 Hz and more
Max. display rate: 20 - 24,9 kHz
Weight: To 5 kg
Loudspeaker system ARCHON 105
The range FBT Archon I was it is developed for achievement of a qualitative sound in bars, pubs, restaurants.

This series perfectly will be suitable as the sound decision for clubs, entertainment centers, fitness centers, conference rooms, theaters, educational institutions, exhibition centers.

The FBT company offers excellent sounding of loudspeaker systems and simplicity of installation thanks to flexibility of mounting.

Archon 105 - the passive two band loudspeaker system, 1*5" LF a rubberized vufer of B& C custom, diameter of the voice coil 1,25", 1" the driver with a calotte of B& C custom, with a diameter of coil of 1".


    a supply - passive;
    acoustic design - the phase inverter;
    the recommended power of the amplifier - 200 W;
    rated impedance - 8 Ohms;
    acoustic radiation - monopolar;
    sizes of speakers - 5" the speaker of low frequencies, 1" the driver of high frequencies;
    type of radiators - dynamic LF radiators 1 - канальн.;
    sensitivity - 115 dB of SPL;
    frequency - HF 1" 70Hz - 22KHz;
    the casing is made of the Baltic birch;
    8 points of a suspension of M5;
    color - black, white;
    the sizes - 180x300x180 mm;
    weight - 4,8 kg;
    I will corrode connections to a source signalaspeakon (Neutrik);
    the transformer 100V/70V 100W line can be optionally set, manufacture of the all-weather version of this loudspeaker system and painting in one of 188 RAL flowers by request is possible.

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