Relacart HR-30S

Код Товара: Relacart HR-30S
  • Relacart HR-30S
  • Relacart HR-30S
  • Relacart HR-30S
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 640 selectable UHF frequencies and True Diversity reception for interference-resistant operation.

● On-board Ethernet interface for monitoring and controlling system parameters with * “RWW 1.0” Control Interface software.
● The transmitters offer durable, magnesium bodies, soft-touch controls.
● Press the "AFS"(Auto Frequency Selection) button 3S and the receiver will auto-scan and lock on to an open, interference-free frequency.
● Press [IR] button to upload automatically the receiver frequency to the transmitter.
● PLL (Phase Lock Loop frequency control) design ensures transmission reliability, "Noise Lock" squelch effectively blocks stray RF.
● EIA-standard metal 1/2 - rack receiver chassis, offering programmable features, with high-visibility LCD display.
● Battery life is twice as common, up to 15 hours.
● HR series provide incredible audio quality and outstandingly reliable performance for artists, broadcasters and other demanding audio environments. 

RWW1.0 is an advanced and powerful digital software. The PC controlling using a Relacart U485 connector, to link to HR systems for real time monitored. The controlling software can scans for signal frequencies that could interfere with microphone transmissions and automatically determine the correct frequency for setup, minimizing error and increasing mic-to-mic sound continuity.
Remotely control up to 64 wireless receivers simultaneously from up to 300 meters away.
The software can monitor transmitter battery status, AF/RF & Antenna A/B strength.
It has a built-in high performance spectrum analyzer allows direct setup of non-interference frequencies and monitors the wireless environment for all operating channels and interference signals, multi-function and status display are also included for your convenience.
Scans to identity and memorize “dead spots” in the performing area, multi-function and status display are also included for your convenience.

HR-30S Receiver

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Relacart HR-30S

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